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Chuga the Beluga,

a book by

Carl Kristeller


A harrowing adventure story

Chuga, a baby beluga whale, and his mother set off on their yearly journey to Black Pebbled Beach, where they'll gather with friends, family, and other belugas. However, the migration is no easy trip; the beach is far away, Chuga is very small, and their path is filled with unknown mysteries lurking in the depths. 

Join Chuga and his mother as they make the journey, meeting new creatures, making new friends, and overcoming many challenges along the way.

Full of action and danger, excitement and triumph, it tackles many contemporary issues facing our youth today, and shows how our decisions can have a lasting effect on those around us. Intended for middle readers ages 7-14.

Reviews & Praise

A wonderful tale that could teach humans a thing or two! The suspense keeps the pages turning and everyone Cheering For Chuga! Well done and very enjoyable.

Steve LePorte

Book Signing
Jul 03, 2023, 7:00 PM
The Little Book Store,
500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA


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