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Chuga the Beluga,
a book by Carl F. Kristeller

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A harrowing adventure story

Chuga, a baby beluga whale, and his mother set off on their yearly journey to the Black Pebbled Beach, where they'll gather with friends, family, and other belugas. However, the migration is no easy trip; the beach is far away, Chuga is very small, and their path is filled with unknown mysteries lurking in the depths.

Join Chuga and his mother as they make the journey, meeting new creatures, making new friends, and overcoming many challenges along the way.

Full of action and danger, excitement and triumph, it tackles many contemporary issues facing our youth today, and shows how our decisions can have a lasting effect on those around us. Intended for middle readers ages 7-14, but enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Reviews & Praise
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I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

First let me say that we need more books like this one. Chuga is a Beluga Whale. This is his first migration to Black Pebbled Beach. He must make some very important decisions that will affect him for life. Along the way he has the guidance of his mother and others. This is a simple yet important book because every child will be able to see themselves or others in this book. It deals with issues of new friends, bullying, building relationships based on kindness, how to show patience and most important, how to forgive. This will ring true with the youngest to the oldest showing the consequences of decisions they make. This book is not preachy, which is what makes it so wonderful. Along this journey there is much to be learned about life in the ocean.


- Sandra Stiles, certified book reviewer

Ocean Water

Get the book

Available through our partner Vinyl Designs, or on Amazon as paperback and Kindle.


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